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About us 

Our mission is to improve our members’ understanding of Investment Management and Finance. The club acts as a catalyst in gathering the most ambitious students interested in Finance at NUCB.
The NUCB Investment Club represents an initiative taken by students to offer more extracurricular opportunities within the NUCB campus ecosystem. We boost our member’s personal development and knowledge in the field of Investment Management and Finance through weekly seminars, hosted by industry professionals and students themselves. We run a newsletter and guide our members towards building commercial awareness, as well as host an internal investment competition accompanied by stock pitches, followed by feedback and a discussion. We build up our members to create superior access to career opportunities in the investment industry. The vision of this club is to be the most prestigious career-focused club at NUCB for years to come.


Our club fosters the frontier spirit by embodying our core values; Community, Excellence, and Pragmatism.

As an integral part of the NUCB Investment Club, community is fostered through a structure which creates friendships and necessary collaboration between members. Members attend the weekly seminars where they get to meet other members and form connections. Later groups of 3-5 people are formed to participate in the internal investment competition and will develop bonds and relationships during the challenge. You’ll notice that these relationships develop into long-lasting friendships, which are carried post your time at NUCB.

We host weekly seminars with industry-established guest speakers from different sectors of the Finance industry to elevate the members’ understanding and provide insider insight into what certain fields entail. This insight will help members excel both academically and professionally. The Investment Club works in partnership with the University to leverage its network and provide the best guest speakers. To ensure every member gets the most out of the experience we expect active participation and personal commitment. The club has a closely tied collaboration with NUCB, providing certificates issued by the University, and marking members’ participation credible.

At the core of our activities stands our value of pragmatism. We strive to teach practical skills and field insights. We prioritise a pragmatic approach to creating the curriculum and seminar contents, rather than conveying theoretical information that you learn in your Finance courses. To put the newly acquired knowledge into practice, we host an internal investment competition with weekly reports. In these reports, the participating groups explain their stock picks and reasoning. This will allow the members to understand the application of seminar contents in the real world. 

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